Whenever you're ready

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I conclude:

Those who live life at speed

Truly do live a longer life

For the faster we move through space

The slower we move through time

Therefore living life at full pace

Living life with speed, not haste

Is the best way to be

I think a speedy life is the one for me


We didn’t have a 5 month anniversary. 

Maybe it was meant to be.

For it was the 29th that you and me became a we.

But there is no 29th in february.

Unless of course it is a leap year.

But I guess you don’t care for on the 25th you left me.

And that is the real reason we didn’t have a 5 month anniversary.


I used to ride in the van and think of you in a happy way.

Now I sit here brooding in my own dismay.

I used to txt you saying good morning baby.

But now I sit here on my phone so lonely.

Maybe you were never really that into me.

But either way in the end you definitely didn’t love me.